• English: PIM systems
  • Deutsch: PIM-Systeme die Ihr Alltag leichter machen
  • Svenska: PIM-system för en enklare vardag
  • Dansk: PIM-systemer til at gøre din hverdag lettere

PIM systems

A PIM system is an effective way of handling larger amounts of products and product data. The biggest advantage is that you can handle product information and at the same time making them available across different platforms.

PIM is an acronym for Product Information Management.

What is PIM and why use a PIM system?

The Perfion PIM system is compatible with almost every ERP systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV and SAP - the list continues).

Updated product information on all your channels

Let’s take a closer look on the advantage of using Perfion PIM and the companies which can benefit by choosing our PIM system.

Updated and correct product information on all your channels - always!

In short, Perfion is a perfect solution for especially midsized and large companies with a wide product catalogue and with product information which needs to be shared across many different platforms e.g.:

  • Homepages
  • Webshops
  • Business portals
  • Websites for both customers and partners
  • Product catalogues
  • data pages
  • Social media
  • Newsletters

On all platforms mentioned above, it is extremely important that the information about your products is 100 % correct and updated.

You can achieve this dream scenario by maintaining all your product information at one place, such as the Perfion PIM system, from where all information will be published on all platforms at the same time. In this way, Perfion works as a sort of Single Source of Truth - also known as SSOT.

In other words, all available information about a specific product will be absolutely the same on every single platform, when they are being updated via the Perfion PIM system.

PIM and ERP work perfectly together

To gain maximum profit from you Perfion PIM system we recommend that you use an ERP system, which Perfion can be integrated within. A complete integration between your PIM system and ERP system gives you the most effective basis in order to quickly update your product catalogue directly through your ERP application. Within your ERP system, you now have the possibility to maintain all types of product information (e.g. photos, text and videos) and within a short amount of time you can create pricelists and data documents in Word, Excel, PDF etc.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to create a product in your system as soon as the first ideas start popping up. This can happen way before the product is available to your customers and partners, and before the product is available as a standard product in your ERP system. This gives you the opportunity to continuously adding and updating product information across the lifespan of a product.

Update your InDesign product catalogue continuously through PIM

As mentioned above Perfion works perfectly together with different types of ERP systems but that is not all. Perfion is also compatible with Adobe InDesign®. By using templates with content that more or less can be automatized after your wishes, a combination of Adobe InDesign®, ERP and Perfion PIM system is the most optimal solution on the market, when it comes to handling product catalogues across platforms (Multi Channel Management).

You gain Multi Channel Management when you choose a Perfion PIM system to administrate a product catalogue for webshops. From the moment where you receive new products, it will only take you a few minutes to create them across your systems since every platform are using the exact same source - your Perfion PIM system. In other words, you are done with having to update your product catalogue manually. In only a few clicks your new product is fully integrated in your catalogue, business portals, websites, microsites etc.

PIM indexes the product range in your webshop

If you are interested in taking the index of your webshop’s product range to a completely new level, you should definitely take a closer look at Perfion PIM system, where indexing is made very simple and extremely effective. This means both hours of manual indexing spared and a minimization of errors since all product information are from the same source.