• English: PIM systems
  • Deutsch: PIM-Systeme die Ihr Alltag leichter machen
  • Svenska: PIM-system för en enklare vardag
  • Dansk: PIM-systemer til at gøre din hverdag lettere

Data Management with ERP

Do you use an ERP system for invoicing, stock management and do need a system for administrating enriched product data within your system?

Perfion In Dynamics 365 BC

Then the Perfion PIM-system is the perfect solution for you.

Perfion gives you the possibility to administrate data about every product in your stock within your existing ERP system. For the Perfion PIM system is hundred percent integrated within most ERP systems and can be accessed directly from your ERP system. Perfion is user friendly, timesaving and a great advantage for any business.

If you are used to working with a user optimized ERP system, then a Perfion extension of your business data management would be seamless and quite natural. Our aim is to create optimal usability and because Perfion PIM can be integrated and accessed through your existing ERP-application, you will from day one feel at home in Perfion PIM system.

Webshop and catalogs will be optimized with Data Management

PIM systems like Perfion PIM Data management is the future in data management for webshops and catalog productions. In accordance with both customers and work partners increase their expectations of accurate and updated product data across all your platforms, the need for multi data management system increases for your ERP system too.

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