• English: PIM systems
  • Deutsch: PIM-Systeme die Ihr Alltag leichter machen
  • Svenska: PIM-system för en enklare vardag
  • Dansk: PIM-systemer til at gøre din hverdag lettere

PIM and ERP systems

Does your company use an ERP system for invoicing, stock management, etc., and do you consider extending your ERP system with product information management?

The integration between Perfion and your ERP system is seamless

Then a Perfion PIM system will be exactly what you need.

Perfion PIM (Product Information Management) allows you to manage product information for every product in the system from a single point and then the system automatically sharres that information across all your various communication platforms and communication channels.

Perfion PIM is mostly hundred percent integrated into ERP and can be accessed directly from your current ERP system.

Product information is synchronized and updated in all systems

The system's main advantage is that you achieve synchronization across the line. Regardless of which platform your customers and other stakeholders get your company's product information from, the information will be available in the updated version. Updating an item, changing the specifications or other similar operations can immediately be visible in every channel.

Seamless integration between PIM and ERP

The integration between the Perfion PIM system and your ERP solution is quite smooth. Product control is still edited through the ERP system, and Perfion PIM system is seamlessly extending your ERP system. This is an optimal opportunity to add all the different types of product information (text, images, video, PDF files) to your existing product database within your ERP system.

PIM systems are becoming the standard

No doubt those PIM systems, like Perfion which works optimal with ERP solutions, will be the standard in medium-sized and large enterprises in the years ahead. Prompt and efficient handling of all product information is a competitive advantage that companies can’t ignore in the modern market.

How Perfion handles your data