• English: PIM systems
  • Deutsch: PIM-Systeme die Ihr Alltag leichter machen
  • Svenska: PIM-system för en enklare vardag
  • Dansk: PIM-systemer til at gøre din hverdag lettere

PIM - the short version

A PIM system is, in short, a system for managing product data. PIM simply means Product Information management.

So which benefits can you get from a Perfion PIM system and how do you decide if Perfion is the right PIM provider for you and your business.

Et PIM-system er ét enkelt arkiv til produktinformation

A single source for product information across all marketing channels

Perfion is mostly directed for mid-sized and large businesses with a large product assortment who needs these product information shared across multiple platforms. The platforms can be homepages, business portals, websites for customers and partners, product catalogs, webshops, price listening, data sheets, social media, newsletters and much more.

The main advantage with a PIM system is the source (SSOT – Single Source Of Truth) where all your product information is stored and from where they can be retrieved when needed. You will get an effective consistent presentation of your products available at any time. Secondly is updating your product data extremely fast across the platforms when using a Product Information Management-system like Perfion.

Full integrated with your ERP system

Product Information Management is hundred percent integrated with the most common ERP solutions (Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, SAP and many more). That means you can quickly retrieve inventory information, prices and other live ERP information. You can work with Perfion PIM directly within your ERP application, where you could administrate product information and create new data sheets in Word or PDF formats. At the same time you will get the benefit of creating your products from the first idea, long before the product is moved to marked. Every new product goes through phases when developed, and with a Product Information Management system like Perfion you can easily update, add or delete product information as the lifespan of the product develops, always stored and available from a single source of truth.

Quickly produce new products within your InDesign catalogs with PIM

The Perfion Product Information Managent system makes sure that you can quickly and without effort add new products to a catalog created in Adobe InDesign®. Perfion uses simple templates and up to fully automated templates, which both streamlines your product catalog and at the same time quickly updates you catalogs when the source is edited.

Manual update of all online platforms is a thing of the past

With Perfion you’ll get full control over you product information across every channel and platform (Multi Channel Management), like a webshop. Let’s look at an example where you get a new product in your inventory. Without a PIM system to help you, you would have to manually update your different channels with the information of the product before it got added.

In addition to the webshop would you often want to get the product information displays across other platform like websites, microsites, partners website, business portals, in-store-views, catalogs and others. It is the same situation with a product that should be updated. With a Perfion Product Information Management system the manual update workload is a thing of the past! The main advantage of Perfion is exactly the automatic updates across every channel from a single source of truth.

Perfion Product Information Management is the perfect solution for an ambitious business who already uses a ERP system and wishes to expand its marketing channels with a webshop. With Perfion software you will be sure that your product information is always updated on every channel.

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