• English: PIM systems
  • Deutsch: PIM-Systeme die Ihr Alltag leichter machen
  • Svenska: PIM-system för en enklare vardag
  • Dansk: PIM-systemer til at gøre din hverdag lettere

Product catalogs with Adobe InDesign® and PIM

If you use Adobe InDesign® and similar professional design programs to administrate your product catalog, then Perfion PIM system can easily and seamlessly be integrated.

Catalogs with lots of product information - Made easy with Perfion PIM and InDesign

The process is that you continue to create your catalog design in Adobe InDesign®, both the original layout and when you add new products. With Perfion PIM software integrated in Adobe InDesign®, your product information is inserted directly into your catalog from Perfion and your database (ERP system). In contrast to earlier (without Perfion PIM system) where you could waste oceans of time copying all product information into the catalog manually.

All product information is gathered from one source

The integration between Adobe InDesign® and Perfion PIM system assures that your product catalogs gather all product information from only one source instead of copying the information from many different data sources. “Single Source of Truth” is the fundamental idea behind a PIM system.

Update your product information automatically and avoid mistakes

If you update your product information in Perfion PIM system or through your ERP system you can choose also to automatically update the information in your Adobe InDesign®-administrated product catalog. This is an easy way to optimize working processes, which before were much more slow and required a lot of manual work. At the same time it guarantees higher data accuracy. There is a smaller margin for error when you only have to update your product data in one place, instead of manual updating multiple sources and platforms. This is the true force of Perfion PIM system when it is integrated with Adobe InDesign®.

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